Until just three years ago painting was a hobby to which I devoted a large part of my free time but now art, which has always been my passion, is my career.

Until 2015 I worked in a very different field from the art world, spending more than 20 years in human resources, a career which, while totally unrelated to painting, afforded me essential professional and life experiences.

Three years ago I gave up my job to devote myself full-time to art. In May 2017 I held my first solo exhibition at the A2 Gallery in Madrid, presenting 45 works, which were received with critical acclaim and made great success in sales. 

I have been invited to take part in many exhibitions: 

  • November 2017, 'We Are Fair' , Madrid.  
  • February 2018, "Abscence des temps", Paris, France. 
  • June 2018, 'International Contemporary Art Biennial Basel', Basil, Switzerland.
  • July 2018 "Arghouba Art", Rabat, Morocco, 
  • October 2018, "Prince d'Art", Toulouse, France, 
  • Novembre 2018, Pop Up Art, Madrid.

Although I am self-taught, I have taken many art courses and learned a great deal from visiting museums and art galleries in cities in many countries. And, above all, I have experimented and continue to experiment with a wide range of techniques (my favourites are oils and acrylics).

I paint because I love it, because it thrills me. My works reflect my thoughts, my feelings, my love for life. There is a part of me, a small piece of my soul, in each of my paintings.